7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Create Good Link bait

7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Create Good Link bait

You were that kid in the family. The kid who was disappointed on family fishing outings because your fish wasn’t the biggest, or maybe it just wasn’t as big as you wanted. Your kid brother or sister would catch a ridiculously small fish and grin at the camera, fully satisfied with the catch.

Not you. So you tried different methods—change the fishing location, change the lures, changing the time of day. Then, one day on the Discovery channel, you notice that the little fish attract the big fish, and BAM! An idea is born! With seattle web design you’ll get this iterative methodology to help build your sites content and convert leads.

That is link baiting. You’re not trying to get the little fish to get your bait. (Not that you mind the little guys at all!) You’re trying to get them to look and to tell their friends so that before long, all the fish are waving their fins wildly and blowing bubbles about your bait.

Then, the big fish can’t help but notice. You aren’t trying to sell a product but to get the link—the bubble-blowing, fin-flapping kind of links. You are trying to get people to notice you because your content, your link bait, is irresistibly delicious.

You can throw corn kernels in the water all day and attract (and even catch) those little sunfish, but that’s not gonna get the kind of fish you want. Quality. That’s what you need—quality content that can’t be resisted, that attracts the kind of people you want and encourages them to link back to your site.

Before you begin writing your content, ask yourself these three questions:

Write it down. Post it up. Put it in a place where you’ll see it everyday. Keep your goals in focus.Target identified? Check. Now for the quality content.Anyone can put together helpful content. It can even contain some quality information, but your content has to do more! Your content needs to make the audience come back for more! To help keep you on the right track as you write link baiting content, ask yourself these 7 questions:

1. Is it intuitive?

Are people going to finish reading your content and go “Huh?” If you’re trying to get people to link to your article on cleaning out your engine coolant reservoir on your car and you have no diagrams and use words few people understand, no one’s going to link to your page. As a writer, you are serving the reader, so make it easy to understand with both your writing style and visual aids.

2. Does it demonstrate expertise?

Use numbers. Quote sources. Get guest writers who have expertise on the subject. Don’t write fluff. You want to gain your readers’ trust. Trust is a hard thing to gain and harder still to regain.